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With our high-quality building materials you will significantly reduce the construction time of your house. The breakthrough ICF technology in the IZODOM2000 standard consists in laying the insulation elements constituting formwork up to the height of the storey and pouring concrete into them. In this way, a wall is erected which does not need additional thermal insulation.

IZODOM2000 – all in one

The IZODOM2000 system consists of more than 100 elements that can be joined together to form a continuous thermal insulation layer, without thermal bridges. With our complete set of elements comprising a ground slab, wall elements,floor and roof slab you get an energy-efficient building There is no need to use to use extra mortar, adhesives, clamps or fasteners, so you build faster and your investment costs are lower. Buildings erected in our technology also mean 80% lower house heating costs. Make informed decisions. Stay at ease.

Insert elements for finishing.

Header element.

Headers, plugs and end caps allow for comfortable and warm installation of windows and doors.

Floor support element – continuity of the ring beam plane insulation with wall insulation – ensures that there are no thermal bridges in this critical place.

Ready-made external corner – fast and easy construction and no thermal bridges.

Basic element – wall, 45 cm thick – including concrete core, 15 cm thick.


IZODOM2000 is a proven solution, meaning high quality materials and tens of thousands of satisfied customers. We have been present on the market for 30 years now, supporting our Clients and Partners in the investment process every day

The technology has been designed to be ahead of current legal standards, already offering Western European standards on the Polish market

Fast construction – 4.5 m2 of finished wall with concrete and reinforcement is ready in one hour, which is several times faster than in conventional technology

Walls with comparable heat transfer coefficient made in IZODOM2000 technology are thinner than those made in traditional technology and they are only 35 cm thick instead of 45 cm. Every 30 m2 ensure an additional 1 m2 to be used according to the individual needs

Quality confirmed by international certificates and awards granted by ETA, Passive House Institute, TÜV – ISO, Ambasador budownictwa pasywnego (Ambassador of Passive Building), GreenEvo, including Distinction of the European Commission, and many others

An energy-efficient house can reduce CO2 emissions by up to a half compared to a house erected in traditional technology.

EPS elements are large and light and can be transported using the entire volume capacity of the vehicle without pallets and unnecessary stretch film, which eliminates waste. The material needed for the construction of an average-sized single-family house can be transported in one truck, reducing emissions into the environment.

EPS is the only insulation material that is fully recyclable.

Buildings erected in IZODOM2000 technology have excellent performance characteristics both in the desert climate of the United Arab Emirates and in frosty Norway, creating comfortable conditions for use. We have 20,000 reference buildings to prove it.

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Prizes and awards

We have been supplying the highest quality construction products for years. We nave been constantly developing to meet the requirements of the changing market. We have been granted numerous international and national awards, which are the culmination of our activities.

Caring for Climate

Our company is a member of an initiative run under the auspices of the United Nations Environment Programme. This elite organization comprises only 350 companies worldwide.


We have implemented a quality control system compliant with the 9001: 2015 standard, the supervising unit is TUV Rheinland.


Thanks to the The European Technical Assessment certificate our elements have the CE marking and we can sell them throughout the European Union”.

Passive House Institute

IZODOM2000 is the first Polish complete building technology that obtained such a certificate. It proves the continuous air tightness and the absence of thermal bridges in the house built with the IZODOM2000 technology

Teraz Polska 2013

Stand out in the crowd! You have the opportunity to cooperate with an innovative Polish company that has been a creator and producer of proven technology dedicated to passive buildings for 30 years.

Distinction of the European Commission

In 2013, the European Commission recognised Izodom as one of the 40 best European construction products in the EU-Gateway Program.

Diamonds of Polish Innovation

The “Sylwetki i Marki Polskiej Gospodarki” [Profiles and Brands of the Polish Economy] award – “Diament Polskiej Innowacyjności 2017” [Diamond of Polish Innovation 2017] is awarded to companies that apply unique and modern solutions in their business.


We are the first producer of building materials awarded by the Ministry for the Environment in the Greenevo program due to the energy efficiency of buildings and their positive effect on the environment.

Passive House Ambassador

We are the ambassador of passive construction – this label is awarded to companies that introduce innovations to the Polish market in the form of building components and systems recommended for use in passive buildings”.

Forbes Diamonds 2018

An award for the most dynamically developing enterprises in our country.

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