Benefits of cooperation with Izodom 2000 New Zealand


Stand out from the crowd, you have the opportunity to cooperate with the innovative Polish company that has been a creator and producer of the proven IZODOM2000 technology for passive and energy-efficient buildings for 30 years.


By working with us you have the opportunity to become noticeable in the rapidly developing sector of energy-saving and passive house construction. You will build an effective partnership with the company that has 30 years of experience and an attractive commissioning system.


Design an energy-efficient or passive house with the proven IZODOM2000 technology, which allows you to take care of the environment. Fulfill the investor’s wildest dreams by creating an architectural design of any shape and a solid concrete structure.


Use the certified building elements of the IZODOM2000 system made of the highest quality raw material. Product parameters do not change over time, which guarantees the lowest maintenance costs for years.


Gain specialist knowledge and the necessary tools to design a building in the IZODOM2000 technology. Use the free AutoCAD / Revit overlay and knowledge in the form of studies and trainings offered by Izodom 2000 Polska
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Expand your creativity by designing
in the IZODOM2000 technology

Are you looking for an innovative technology that will allow you to stand out in the market and offer a higher standard? Projects in the IZODOM2000 technology ensure durability and high strength parameters of the building, at the same time giving unlimited design possibilities, even in the case of arched walls or multi-storey buildings. The IZODOM2000 technology supports energy-saving, sustainable and green design, offering higher standards today than those provided for in the technical conditions of 2021. The highest quality and the best parameters of expanded polystyrene ensure continuous insulation of the structure, while offering increased air tightness of the building and excellent energy efficiency.

The Izodom 2000 Polska product range is great for residential buildings, hospitals, healthcare, industrial and educational buildings.

IZODOM2000 - everything included

The IZODOM2000 system consists of over 100 elements that can be combined like blocks to obtain a specific size and shape of the house.

Then the elements are filled with concrete. The thickness of the insulation layers, the type of concrete and reinforcement are selected depending on the needs.

All kinds of buildings can be built from the elements of IZODOM2000: multi-story apartment blocks, single-family houses and even swimming pools.

It is a completely safe technology.

The elements of IZODOM2000 were already used in 1996 to build an 11-story energy-saving residential high-rise building.

Prizes and awards

We have been supplying the highest quality construction products for years. We nave been constantly developing to meet the requirements of the changing market. We have been granted numerous international and national awards, which are the culmination of our activities.

Distinction of the European Commission

In 2013, the European Commission recognised Izodom as one of the 40 best European construction products in the EU-Gateway Program.

Diamonds of Polish Innovation

The “Sylwetki i Marki Polskiej Gospodarki” [Profiles and Brands of the Polish Economy] award – “Diament Polskiej Innowacyjności 2017” [Diamond of Polish Innovation 2017] is awarded to companies that apply unique and modern solutions in their business.


We are the first producer of building materials awarded by the Ministry for the Environment in the Greenevo program due to the energy efficiency of buildings and their positive effect on the environment.

Passive House Ambassador

We are the ambassador of passive construction – this label is awarded to companies that introduce innovations to the Polish market in the form of building components and systems recommended for use in passive buildings”.

Forbes Diamonds 2018

An award for the most dynamically developing enterprises in our country.

Caring for Climate

Our company is a member of an initiative run under the auspices of the United Nations Environment Programme. This elite organization comprises only 350 companies worldwide.


We have implemented a quality control system compliant with the 9001: 2015 standard, the supervising unit is TUV Rheinland.


Thanks to the The European Technical Assessment certificate our elements have the CE marking and we can sell them throughout the European Union”.

Passive House Institute

IZODOM2000 is the first Polish complete building technology that obtained such a certificate. It proves the continuous air tightness and the absence of thermal bridges in the house built with the IZODOM2000 technology

Teraz Polska 2013

Stand out in the crowd! You have the opportunity to cooperate with an innovative Polish company that has been a creator and producer of proven technology dedicated to passive buildings for 30 years.


Talk to us about your investment. Join the group of architects and designers of IZODOM2000.